Process Simplified – A New Approach

Details Matter. The development of the PTV Series considered every aspect of process turbidity workflow - from installation and setup; daily measurement and control; routine procedures such as calibration, verification and maintenance; to data collection and management. These factors combine to deliver a turbidity system that is easy to use, saves time and delivers the accurate results that are required for regulatory compliant testing.

Smart Interface - Rethink the Controller

We've replaced the need for a traditional controller by using an integrated touchscreen interface to interact with the PTV Series. There is also the option to use a smart device. The intuitive touchscreen makes it possible to control every required aspect of the system. In addition to being able to perform all of the functions of the touchscreen, the AquaLXP® app further expands the PTV Series capabilities. With the ability to calculate statistics, integrate operator notes, access to operator instructions, and maintenance logs.

Low Maintenance Design – The Savings are Clear

Save time and water with the PTV Series. With no light bulbs to change, an easy to clean design and safe calibration procedures , it’s not hard to see all the ways you can save! The low volume flow body provides faster response to turbidity spikes and uses far less water and calibration standards. In addition, the optimal flow rate of the instrument is 40 to 80 ml per minute, which over the lifetime of the instrument translates to over 1 million gallons of water saved per instrument versus competitive instruments!

The Story

The state-of-the-art communications and user interface make the PTV Series the next generation of process turbidimeters.


Assembling the Right Team

In order to develop the PTV Series, Lovibond® Tintometer® assembled a team of globally recognized turbidity and process instrumentation experts. We tasked them with creating a new instrument that addresses all of the issues customers struggle with while using their current turbidity systems. The solution needed to consider every aspect of process turbidity workflow - from installation and setup; daily measurement and control; routine procedures such as calibration, verification and maintenance; to data collection and management.

User Inspired System

After years in development, we are proud to say that we have created a secure system with significantly reduced complexity. By allowing users to interact with an unlimited number of turbidity sensors using an app installed on a smart phone or tablet, we have eliminated the requirement of dedicated controllers for each instrument which allows maximum flexibility as operator needs and regulatory requirements change in the future. With a focus on simplicity and user safety, we've integrated the steps of performing key procedures into the AquaLXP app, as well as into the local touchscreen display. We've packaged the T-CALplus standards in a way that makes them easy to prepare while protecting the users from ever being exposed to chemicals. The PTV 1000 and PTV 2000 are designed to comply with ISO and EPA reporting regulations. With the ability to export and easily analyze data, making sure turbidity values are in compliance has never been easier.

Interactive View

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Wet Standards

for Calibration & Verification

T-CAL® Turbidity Standards from Lovibond® Tintometer® are primary standards that are US EPA and ISO compliant. When you combine our T-CAL Turbidity Standards and our T-CALplus™ packaging, turbidity standards have never been easier to use! T-CAL Turbidity Standards have a long shelf life and there are no concerns about degradation in cold or freezing environments. In addition to our T-CALplus™ packaging, Lovibond® Tintometer® also offers our T-CAL standards in 500 ml bottles in a variety of concentrations for verification and calibration purposes.

Safe for the User

T-CALplus™ packaging is durable and because the user never comes into contact with the solution, concerns over operator safety and exposure to chemicals are eliminated.

Easy to Mix

Simply squeeze and manipulate the packaging with your hands for about 1 minute to ensure it is accurately mixed, and it’s ready to use.

No Bubbles

Bubbles in a sample are a major interference in turbidity measurement. Our T-CALplus™ packaging is vacuum sealed, which allows users to easily mix the standard - without creating bubbles!

Interactive View

Checkout how the use of T-CALplus Standards simplify the calibration and verification process.

Smart Interface

Rethink the Controller

The PTV Series has two ways for users to interact with the sensor. Operators have the option to use the local touch screen, or they can connect to the sensors using the AquaLXP App (iOS and Android). A record of every reading, calibration, verification, cleaning or other maintenance performed over the lifetime of the sensor is automatically logged into the instrument history. By utilizing the AquaLXP app, operators can easily extract a copy of that data from the sensor and Quickly calculate important values, such as upper and lower control limits, and percent compliance over a selected time frame.

Step-By-Step Instructions

By incorporating procedures and tech tips, users have quick and easy access to everything they need at their fingertips.

User Security & Protection

Only operators within a certain physical proximity of the PTV sensor will be able to connect to it. Combine this with the ability to password protect two layers of access, and Operators and Supervisors alike can be assured of data integrity.

Calculate, Graph and send Data

Operators can easily generate meaningful data and statistics which can help identify trends faster by viewing or exporting the data for a selected time period as a table or as a graph.

Interactive View

Checkout how the app and touchscreen interface can be utilized to streamline processes!

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